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Moments In The Community

Throughout the year the team at Responsible Sports highlights a moment of responsibility in youth sports. These nomination will be considered as part of our annual program to find the Top 10 Responsible Sports Moments of 2013.

Football Team Learns Sign Language To Communicate With Team

The Brooke High School (Wellsburg, W.Va.) football team learned sign language to be able to communicate with their teammate. Read More

Teen Displays Integrity And Honesty During Golf Championship

Our latest Moment of Responsibility comes to us from the final round of the U.S. Junior Amateur Championship. Read More

Winhawk Swim Team

Coach Encourages Respect And Sportsmanship For Opponent

Winona (Minn.) Winhawks girls swim team coach, Steve Burt, wanted his athletes to have respect for the team’s rival opponent. Read More

Rink Sign Promotes Responsibility

A general manager of a local ice rink puts up a sign to remind parents and youth athletes of the good in youth sports. Read More

Teen Wrestler Shows Opponent Respect

A young wrestler from Wyoming decided showing sportsmanship was more important than winning. Read More

Autistic Teen Gets Her Moment In The Spotlight

The DeSoto (Mo.) Dragons girls’ basketball team decided to honor their loyal team manager with a grand gesture. Read More

Opposing Coach Helps Senior In Her Final Game

The opposing coach decided to help a senior player on the other team. Read More

Lacrosse Team Helps Lymphoma Patient

After discovering one their own was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, the Towson High School (Md.) Girl's Lacrosse decide to raise money to help their teammate's fight against cancer. Read More

Race Winner Gives Medal To Race Runner

After beating out 800 racers to win first place, Zach Allen decides to give his medal to one of his fellow race runners instead. Read More

Tennis Coach Demonstrates Fairness For Opponent

A tennis coach allows opposing team to replace an injured player instead of forfeit the game. Read More

Baseball Player Displays Sportsmanship And Generosity

With his own hard earned money from a part-time job, Casey Mack, purchased brand new bats for the opposing team who faced budget cuts. Read More

Teen Runner Stops To Help Fallen Opponent

Wilber-Clatonia High School (Wilber, Neb.) sophomore Matt Petracek was less than 800 meters away from finishing the Beatrice cross country invitational when he saw a competitor from an opposing team collapse. Read More

Wrestling Creates Bond Between Opponents

Halifax (Pa.) High School wrestler Joey Kaufman always had respect for his weight class opponent from a nearby high school. The respect grew into friendship and kindness when Joey found out that his rival had been diagnosed with germ cell cancer and was no longer able to compete for the season. Read More

Selfless Act Aids Opponent

Buhler High School (Buhler, Kan.) tennis player Kyle Doerksen was scheduled to play against one of his teammates for the last spot remaining in the state tournament but the deciding match was scheduled for the same day that Kyle’s teammate had an AP chemistry exam. Read More

Runner Helps Injured Opponent Cross Finish Lin

Amistad High School (New Haven, Conn.) junior Kayla Samuel was running in the 2013 State Class S Girl’s Cross Country Championship meet. Near the end of the race, Kayla noticed an opponent from another school who was struggling to walk after tripping and twisting her ankle. While other competitors jogged by, Kayla selflessly decided to stop and help. Read More

Team Rallies Against Bullying

6-year-old Danny Keefe each day would dress up in a suit and tie and stand on the sidelines as the Badgers played football. Upon hearing that Danny was getting picked on because of the way he speaks and dresses, Badgers quarterback Tommy Cooney decided that he wanted to wear a suit to school to show support.  Read More