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Latest Articles

Take 5 with US Youth Soccer Coaching Director Sam Snow

Sam Snow provides a coaches perspective on overcoming setbacks. To him, rehab is both mental and physical. As a coach, Sam does not experience the required physical rehab for an injury, but his role in the mental rehab of an athlete is tantamount.

Teen Takes Teammate Under His Wing

At the beginning of the Swope Middle School (Reno, Nev.) track season, 14-year-old Drew Rippingham decided to take his teammate Jack Rovetti, an eighth-grader with Down syndrome, under his wing.

  • Helen Maroulis | Advice for Girls

    Team USA Women's Wrestler Helen Maroulis gives advice to girls on overcoming adversity as an athlete -- particularly as a female wrestler. Her biggest piece of advice is for girls to "keep with it, because what she's going through right now, starting up, that's really going to be the hardest part."

  • Helen Maroulis | Mental Approach

    Member of Team USA and World silver medalist, Helen Maroulis discusses her journey to the mat and how she prepares mentally for practice and competition. While she looks to others for inspiration, she "appreciates how much of an individual sport wrestling is" and has taken her own approach to overcoming nerves and other stresses of being a top athlete.

  • Patrick Kane | Message to Team USA Fans

    What is the one thing Patrick Kane, U.S. Olympic men's ice hockey winger, wants you to do to help support Team USA? Find out in this exclusive Responsible Sports video.

  • Leah O’Brien-Amico | Play with Passion, Live with Purpose

    In this podcast, Tina Syer, Chief Impact Officer of Positive Alliance steps in for Jim and talks with three time Olympic Gold Medalist Leah O’Brien-Amico. Leah explains that playing with passion helped shape her into becoming the softball player and coach that she is. She also reflects on her time playing under Coach Candrea and all the lessons she learned from him.

  • Katey Stone | Make Everyone Better

    In this episode, head coach of the 2014 USA Women’s Olympic Ice Hockey Team and team at Harvard University Katey Stone shares the importance of making all athletes better.

  • Picabo Street | A Strong Foundation

    In this episode, Responsible Sports Spokesperson and Olympic Gold Medalist Picabo Street shares her experience as a youth and professional skier and the lessons she learned along the way.

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