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We want to help you in your effort to earn a $2,500 Community Grant. On this page, you can download customizable flyers, sample press releases, web banners and other free, easy-to-use marketing tools designed to help you rally your supporters for the Responsible Sports Community Grant program.

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Tell a Friend

Increasing your Community Grant Point Total can be done in four easy steps with the Tell-A-Friend Tool. Simply tell us who you want to notify and we take care of the rest.

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The Comprehensive Community Grant Toolkit

In order to help you and your organization rally for the Community Grant, we've put together a comprehensive toolkit composed of helpful guides and pre-made flyers. Download the entire toolkit here or download the individual PDFs below.

Facebook & Twitter Toolkit

Available exclusively on the Responsible Sports Facebook Fan Page, our Social Media Toolkit for Facebook and Twitter will help you and your organization rally your Grant effort in social media. 'Like Us' and download the exclusive toolkit.

Individual Community Grant Toolkit Resources

Event Tips

Utilize your community events and locations to rally support!

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Customize these pre-made flyers by typing in your team name or a custom message!

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Mobile Device Tips

Use your mobile phone or tablet to rally people at games to take the Quiz!

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Posting Flyers Checklist

We've made a checklist of all the places you can post a Community Grant flyer!

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Progress Poster

Keep your team engaged and motivated with our Progress Poster.

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Sample Press Release

Are you publishing a story in a local newspaper? Use our Sample Press Release.

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Sample Newsletter

Are you posting your Grant effort to your website? Post our copy to your website.

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Partner Flyers

More Resources

Web Banners

These pre-made web banners that promote your grant effort can be easily uploaded to your team's website.

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Mobile Wallpaper

Support Responsible Sports and download our mobile wallpaper.

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Responsible Coach Toolkit

Put our principles in action. Download our handouts and begin using them with your team.

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Responsible Sport Parent Toolkit

Use our principles with your athlete today. Download our handouts and begin using them with your team.

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  • Sam Fischer | Reflect and Improve

    USA Softball's Sam Fischer shares memories of discussing her performance with her dad following a game. She remembers the conversations to be positive, "if I had a bad game, my dad or my mom were never like 'you did this wrong' it was always 'what could you have done better?" She continues to apply that philosophy as a professional.

  • Kyle Dake | Parents

    Following a successful collegiate career, Kyle Dake finished third in the 2012 trials and just missed the US Olympic team. Kyle has his sights set on the 2016 Olympic Games and attributes his determination to his parents. He recalls telling his dad that he "didn't want to play baseball anymore", but his dad made him honor his commitment and finish the season. This "set the tone" for the rest of Kyle's life.

  • Les Gutches | Wrestling For Myself

    USA Wrestling's Director of Programs & Strategy, and 1997 FILA Wrestling World Champion Gold Medal winner, Les Gutches shares the story of how he started "wrestling for himself" instead of participating in sports for the sake of participating. Find out how Les's parents aided in his decision in this Responsible Sports Video.

  • Heather Petri | Be Confident

    In this episode, Tina Syer, Chief Impact Officer of Positive Alliance steps in for Jim and talks with Heather Petri, four-time USA Water Polo Olympian. Heather shares how she transitioned from swimming to water polo and why she did not specialize in just one sport growing up. She also talks about her coaches, including Don Heidary, and how they contributed to her success. Lastly, Heather reflects on her Olympic experience and how she achieved four medals, including a 2012 gold.

  • Keith Yandle | The Golden Rule

    In this podcast, Tina Syer, Chief Impact Officer of Positive Coaching Alliance, steps in for Jim and talks with Keith Yandle, USA Hockey Olympic hopeful. Keith talks about how he developed from being a somewhat reckless youth player into a controlled professional. He also explains why he chose to pursue professional hockey over going to college and reveals his other favorite playing position as a kid.

  • Cody Bickley | Understand Your Weakness

    In this episode, Tina Syer, Chief Impact Officer of Positive Alliance, steps in for Jim and talks with Cody Bickley, recent Manager of Coaches Education for USA Wresting. Cody shares how it was to grow up with a father who was a wrestling coach and the relationship they shared. He also talks about how to get started in wrestling, along with what to look for in a good coach. Lastly, he discusses the Coaches Education program at USA Wrestling and some of their core principles. He also shares his advice for new and veteran wrestling coaches.

  • The Parent-Coach Relationship by Coach Candrea

    Amateur Softball Association's Coach Candrea discusses what parents and coaches should expect of one another in providing the best possible youth sporting experience for their child.

  • The Sport Parent by Coach Candrea

    A very popular question today by youth coaches is “How can we educate parents on being a positive sport parent?” Amateur Softball Association's Coach Candrea weighs in.

  • Choices

    Competitive excellence can mean different things to different people, although the foundation is nothing more than making the right choices.

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