Doc Rivers | Filling Players’ Emotional Tanks

In this episode, Jim catches up with NBA Clippers Head Coach Doc Rivers right after practice and the two discuss how to keep players’ emotional tanks full. Doc shares his strategies for coaching positively from the sidelines, how to involve both starters and bench players, how players can fill each others’ emotional tanks, and even shares some of his techniques used in pre-game and half-time chalk talks. Doc candidly relays real-life experiences with his current players and provides great examples that both coaches and players can use with their youth athletes.

Picabo Street

Each episode, Positive Coaching Alliance Founder and CEO, Jim Thompson, interviews professional coaches, Olympians, world-class athletes, general managers and leading youth sports experts who share their insights on Responsible Sports from their own sports careers. Listen in as they talk about filling emotional tanks, bouncing back from mistakes, staying motivated through long seasons to continually give 100% effort, and how they translated their sports experience to invaluable life lessons.

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