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The team from Responsible Sports talks to professional coaches, Olympians, world-class athletes, leading youth sports coaches, and parents of professional athletes to gather  their exclusive thoughts, insight and advice. Learn more from the biggest names in sport including: Phil Jackson and Doc Rivers, Julie Foudy and Alexi Lalas, Zeke Jones and Jordan Burroughs, Jennie Finch and Jessica Mendoza, Cam Neely and Julie Chu – just to name a few!  With over 50 podcasts and more than 300 video interviews, you’re sure to find some valuable advice that you can use with your youth athletes.

    Responsible Sports Videos

      Since our founding in 2007, the Responsible Sports team has interviewed world-class athletes and coaches and asked them to share with our community how they have battled back from tough losses or how coaches have helped them in their careers. We have interviews from hundreds of athletes and sports professionals from the world of hockey, volleyball, softball, water polo, soccer and wrestling. In our Responsible Sports Video Library, we are bringing these athletes and their invaluable advice directly to you! Browse Videos >>

    Responsible Sports Podcasts

      The Responsible Sports Podcast series features Positive Coaching Alliance founder and Executive Director Jim Thompson interviewing prominent former athletes, coaches and general managers. Each episode, these influential stars share their insights on Responsible Sports from their own sports careers. Listen in as they talk about filling emotional tanks, bouncing back from mistakes, staying motivated through long seasons to continually give 100% effort, and how they translated their sports experience to invaluable life lessons. Browse Podcasts >>

  • Brandon Slay | Fall In Love With The Sport

    Why do you think Brandon Slay, Olympic gold medalist and current USA Wrestling Resident Freestyle coach, said it is important fall in love with the sport? Find out in this Responsible Sports video.

  • Ryan Callahan | Respect For Canada

    Ryan Callahan, 2014 U.S. Olympic men's ice hockey winger, discusses the respect and sportsmanship shared between the rivalry of Canada and the United States.

  • Paul Martin | Facing Teammates

    Paul Martin, 2014 U.S. Olympic men's ice hockey defenseman, describes playing with one of the game's best players and the mutual respect the two have when facing each other in national competition.

  • Heather Petri | Be Confident

    In this episode, Tina Syer, Chief Impact Officer of Positive Alliance steps in for Jim and talks with Heather Petri, four-time USA Water Polo Olympian. Heather shares how she transitioned from swimming to water polo and why she did not specialize in just one sport growing up. She also talks about her coaches, including Don Heidary, and how they contributed to her success. Lastly, Heather reflects on her Olympic experience and how she achieved four medals, including a 2012 gold.

  • Ryan McDonagh | Keep Your Cool

    In this podcast, Tina Syer, Chief Impact Officer of Positive Coaching Alliance, steps in for Jim and talks with Ryan McDonagh, 2014 US Olympic men’s ice hockey defenseman. Ryan talks about playing multiple sports throughout high school and why he stayed in high school during his senior year instead of joining a higher-level league. He also discusses how he kept his cool after Matt Cooke’s illegal hit in 2011.

  • Keith Yandle | The Golden Rule

    In this podcast, Tina Syer, Chief Impact Officer of Positive Coaching Alliance, steps in for Jim and talks with Keith Yandle, USA Hockey Olympic hopeful. Keith talks about how he developed from being a somewhat reckless youth player into a controlled professional. He also explains why he chose to pursue professional hockey over going to college and reveals his other favorite playing position as a kid.

  • Lessons for the Holidays

    As we finish our fall semester and everyone begins their preparation for the Holiday Season, I always reflect on one of our roles as a coach to expand our duties from the game of softball to teaching lifelong lessons to our athletes.

  • Runner Helps Injured Opponent Cross Finish Line

    This Moment of Responsibility displays the true meaning of sportsmanship, as one cross country runner helps her injured opponent cross the finish line.

  • Team Rallies Against Bullying

    This Moment of Responsibility shares the story of the Bridgewater (Mass.) Badgers Division 5 Peewee football team rallying around their team water coach to stand up against bullying.

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Tim Howard Stands Tall

USA Soccer Goalie, Tim Howard, talks about overcoming mistakes and playing soccer with Tourette Syndrome

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