Fall 2013 Large Division Grant Winners

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Large Division Winners

Capital Area Soccer League (CASL)

Capital Area Soccer League (CASL) - Raleigh, NC

The Capital Area Soccer League (CASL) provides positive and high-quality instructional and competitive youth soccer opportunities that enhance character, community and the love of the game for a diverse membership of children in their local community. The Liberty Mutual Insurance Responsible Sports Fall Community Grant will go towards coaching education materials and needed coaching equipment. Team administrator Katharine Kelley said, “Coaches are the backbone of providing a positive environment for our players, and if we can give them the resources they need to be successful, then our players and community will benefit.” CASL used as many resources as they could to rally support including social media, emails, newsletters, website and word of mouth. “We are grateful for not only the grant funds that will support our programming, but also for the content of the grant. It's nice to be able to remind our parents and coaches about the importance of fostering a positive and responsible sports environment to provide the best experience for our players,” added Kelley.

Colorado ICE Soccer Club

Colorado ICE Soccer Club - Golden, CO

Colorado ICE Soccer Club provides a quality environment which allows each player to develop his or her ability to the fullest extent possible. The Liberty Mutual Insurance Responsible Sports Fall Community Grant will be used to bolster their scholarship fund for underprivileged players and to help repair damaged fields. The organization rallied their individual members to spread the word of their Grant effort. This included social media, flyers in offices and at fields along with announcements at meetings. They shared that the most effective tool was an email sent from the organization. “We appreciate the opportunity to come together as a community and help reinforce responsible sports. The beliefs and best practices in youth sports are often forgotten, so it was great to have this reinforced in the parents and coaches’ minds during the grant period,” said team administrator Dalton Curry.

Lonestar Soccer Club

Lonestar Soccer Club - Austin, TX

Lonestar Soccer Club promotes an active, healthy lifestyle and develops complete soccer players with key core values. The Liberty Mutual Insurance Responsible Sports Fall Community Grant will go towards the club’s financial aid program. The organization used the team website, emails and social media to rally support for their grant effort. They also set up stations at events to allow parents and coaches to access the information. Team administrator Louis Swain added, “The education process was good, the teamwork to achieve our common goal was great and best of all we can now help more young players with the funding from the grant!”

Ocean Tumblers Gymnastics Association

Ocean Tumblers Gymnastics Association - Chesapeake, VA

Ocean Tumblers Gymnastics Association promotes the growth and development of team athletes by supporting activities related to gymnastics training and competition. The Liberty Mutual Insurance Responsible Sports Fall Community Grant will be used to pay for state meet fees. They promoted their grant effort by using Facebook, email and their website. They also used the items and tips available in the toolkit, including setting up events for supporters. Team administrator Rachelle McLaughlin said, “We are truly grateful to have won the grant, as in today's economy, it is very hard to earn funds to benefit young athletes.”

Tri State Cheer Booster Club

Tri State Cheer Booster Club - Lower Gwynedd, PA

Tri State Cheer Booster Club (TSCBC) is a nonprofit organization established by the parents of Tri State Cheer Athletes. Tri State Cheer All Stars is an athletic organization that encourages and assists in developing teamwork, honesty, fair competition and true sportsmanship on the part of each cheer athlete. The Liberty Mutual Insurance Responsible Sports Fall Community Grant will go towards competition expenses. Tri State Cheer All Stars used Facebook to get the word out about their Grant effort and encourage participants to not give up– a lot can change in a day. Team administrator Nina Asadoorian added, “We are beyond thrilled!!! I personally think the most important thing about winning the grant isn't the money . . . it is the message we send the kids, that you never give up and if you work hard at something you can achieve your goals!”