Responsible Coaching

Guide to Responsible Coaching

At Liberty Mutual Insurance, we believe kids can learn valuable life lessons when Responsible Coaches create and foster environments that promote and display responsibility. We believe you have a unique role in our child’s lives to help kids learn how to win - both on and off the field.

We’ve partnered with the youth sports experts from Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) to create this Guide to provide resources, advice, tools and tips to help you – the youth sport coach – focus your athletes to achieve their best in practice, competition and in life.

In the following pages, you’ll learn more about how to help athletes set goals for the season, how to foster a Mastery Approach rather than a focus on winning and losing, how to fill your athlete’s Emotional Tanks to keep them motivated to work harder, how to create a positive relationship with parents, and how to teach your athletes to Honor The Game and represent the best of sportsmanship.

  • Don Granato | Hockey Lifestyle

    USA Hockey's National Team Development Program Head Coach, Don Granato, discusses the NHL lifestyle. One of his focuses is to "build a habit with their daily routine" to help prepare his young athletes for life in the NHL.

  • Lauren Paolini | Good Coach

    USA Volleyball team member Lauren Paolini sheds light on what makes a good coach. She highlights her personal experience and the need for a coach that "pushes her to be a better player, and is always on her back, but in a good way."

  • Jeff Sauer | Make It Fun

    Jeff Sauer, coach of the 2014 Paralympic Sled Hockey Team, emphasizes the importance of making the game fun for athletes at all levels. He discusses the transition from practice to gameday and "making it fun for the athlete, whether they are five years old, or twenty years old."

  • Heather Petri | Be Confident

    In this episode, Tina Syer, Chief Impact Officer of Positive Alliance steps in for Jim and talks with Heather Petri, four-time USA Water Polo Olympian. Heather shares how she transitioned from swimming to water polo and why she did not specialize in just one sport growing up. She also talks about her coaches, including Don Heidary, and how they contributed to her success. Lastly, Heather reflects on her Olympic experience and how she achieved four medals, including a 2012 gold.

  • Dan Regan | More Than Physical Skills

    In this episode, Tina Syer, Chief Impact Officer of Positive Coaching Alliance, steps in for Jim and talks with Dan Regan, 2011 U.S. Men’s Sitting Volleyball Athlete of the Year. Dan shares his story on how he started playing seated volleyball, retracing his path to Athlete of the Year after just two years on the national team. He also opens up about what the sport means to him and how a good coach deals with challenging situations.

  • Cody Bickley | Understand Your Weakness

    In this episode, Tina Syer, Chief Impact Officer of Positive Alliance, steps in for Jim and talks with Cody Bickley, recent Manager of Coaches Education for USA Wresting. Cody shares how it was to grow up with a father who was a wrestling coach and the relationship they shared. He also talks about how to get started in wrestling, along with what to look for in a good coach. Lastly, he discusses the Coaches Education program at USA Wrestling and some of their core principles. He also shares his advice for new and veteran wrestling coaches.

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